Hi, I’m Pat Siegel, a Coach and Facilitator who works with executives to help them be successful and inspire others. With insight and commitment, you can achieve tangible results, one step at a time. spacer-150signatureblack


leafLeading with Vision

Executive Coaching.


• Define priorities


• Optimize relationships


• Improve performance


• Increase your influence


• Achieve results

Knowledge, resilience, and openness to new ways of thinking help us move forward. Coaching can boost your results by optimizing your talents and giving you insights into more effective ways to work and communicate. Making incremental changes in how you think, act and relate, fueled by determination and a can-do attitude, opens up new doors for your future. When you believe in yourself and can convey your vision, others have trust and confidence in you. 


leafExecutive Compatibility

Should you work together?


• Understand expectations


• Openly discuss compatibility


• Identify critical issues


• Reduce risk while pursuing opportunity

I also provide a service to evaluate executive compatibility. Business collaborations provide opportunities but often involve considerable financial and personal risks. A lot is invested in terms of time, resources and emotional commitment. Are you and your business partners on the same page regarding your values, expectations and goals? Are your differences compatible?  I help evaluate your collaboration styles and facilitate open discussion to find ways for the relationship to work. 

“Pat worked with me to gain confidence in my ability to approach high level executives. Consequently, my relationships have extended to people who have a much higher ability to help me grow my organization and eventually be recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s 30 top social enterprises.”

Rafael Alvarez, Founder & CEO, Genesys Works