The Leadership Challenge
What are your leadership qualities? What do you want to accomplish, and how will you convince others to help you achieve it? Do you have a plan for making this happen? The answers to these questions are at the heart of conquering the Leadership Challenge.

Assessing Your Leadership Competencies

Judge what you need to be a capable leader. Here are a sampling of leadership competencies. Note what you Do Well, Do Well But Could Improve, or Do Not Do Well.

A Leader
• Understands power relationships within the organization.
• Creates group synergy towards a shared goal.
• Takes charge when the situation calls for it.
• Negotiates and resolves conflicts, finding solutions all can agree upon.
• Finds the root of the problem; distinguishes between symptoms and causes.
• Establishes goals and follows through with deliverables.
• Maintains effectiveness under stress.
To take the complete Leadership Competency Questionnaire, click -> pdf of competency questionnaire for download  

Our Coaching Partnership
Coaching is a confidential relationship that focuses on what you need to understand and do to be successful. Whatever your position in an organization, there are ways to improve your effectiveness and personal satisfaction.
Your story and abilities are unique. My approach to coaching is individualized to your situation and to what your want to achieve. Together we evaluate what you need to pay attention to, what is blocking your way, and what your options are going forward.
Coaching helps you improve performance by building on your strengths and taking stock of what needs to be done to meet expectations. We work together to enhance your executive presence, your influence, and ultimately, your ability to lead others toward a shared vision. As your coach, my job is to guide and support you along the way.

“Your program was absolutely terrific. I could listen to you all day, the way you integrate so many systems and so much knowledge.”
Ruth Holmes, Founder of Pentec, Inc.
Named One of Michigan's 95 Most Powerful Women by Corps! Magazine (2002)