Executive Compatibility — should you work together?
Providing Coaching Support for New Partnerships, Collaborations, Board Membershipshands-holding-up-globe
Are you considering entering into a business relationship? If so, you will want to understand the personalities, values and expectations of the principals involved and, as much as possible, know what you are getting into.
Collaborating with someone you trust has many advantages. Because you may be enthusiastic about going forward, you may hesitate to ask important but challenging questions. I can help you and your future business partner have a deeper understanding of where you mesh and where you might clash. I can also help you address critical issues to mitigate future conflicts.
With interviews, assessments and business questions, I gauge the compatibility of collaboration styles and expectations. By sharing this information, you and your prospective business associate can foresee future problems and devise strategies for dealing with them. I provide continued support throughout this process.
There are always financial and personal risks, but the risks are reduced when potential conflicts
can be discussed openly and respectfully. 

Typical Questions for Future Business Partners:
• What qualities and attributes can you transfer to this new enterprise?
• Will you need to adjust your current way of thinking or doing things?
• What are the hurdles that challenge you, and how do you plan to tackle them?
• What kind of partnership do you envision?
• How do you expect to solve differences of opinion?
• What results are realistic for the first year of your collaboration?
Gain additional insights with more Questions for Future Business Partners, click -> pdf

"Pat has been an invaluable resource to me in building my business. Her insights have helped me reach my goals more quickly, with greater confidence. Pat helped me hone in on my key issues – the areas I felt were impeding my ability to get to the next level."  
Sherry Wallack, President, Berne Wallack Marketing